Identity Management

Aricoma ID enables you automated and centralized management of your users' access and permissions, along with the ability to set up workflows and to audit all user operations.

What Aricoma ID can help you with

How to reduce manual administration of user accounts and permissions
How to simplify onboarding of new employees
How to reduce a company's identity management costs
How to increase IS system security

Whether you are responsible for managing an IT system in a government organization, hospital, library or commercial company, our fast and easy-to-implement solution is the answer to all of your questions.

Our solutions in a nutshell

Aricoma ID Identity Management provides the following features:
  • Rule-based access control
  • Real-time access activation/deactivation
  • Identity consolidation / single point of identity 
  • Detection of risks associated with identity management
  • Check of access to company information / risk mitigation 
  • Enforcement of Separation of Duties (SoD), with the introduction of Dual Control
  • Management of permissions in connected systems
  • Management of organizational structure and supervisor/subordinate relationships
  • Definition of approval workflow for access to groups (roles)
  • Detailed auditing of all changes and settings
  • Setting up email notifications that can be linked to individual change types

Easy integration into controlled systems

For efficient and automated identity management, Aricoma ID can be quickly and easily linked to a data source (payroll or HR system) and subsequently manage users and their authorization data in the integrated target systems.

Integration to target systems is handled via connectors such as web services (REST / SOAP), file connector, database connector or LDAP.


  • Clear and up-to-date records of access and permissions
  • Automation and centralisation of identity lifecycle management
  • Czech solution compatible with most local HR systems
  • The solution includes authentication management and PIM/PAM applications
  • Auditing and reporting of all changes
  • Increasing your company's security


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