access management

Do not underestimate the risks of loosing corporate data. An authentication management system greatly enhances the security of your organisation. It gives you control over who has access to your systems and data and helps prevent unauthorised access.

How can an authentication management system help you

Aricoma ID provides a single point of authentication for selected users to your organization's systems and applications.

With Aricoma ID, you can provide secure access, especially to external users whose identities you manage, but you need to provide them with trusted access to your systems.

The objective of the platform is to enable this access mode to be managed efficiently and with enhanced security, complying with the NIS 2 regulation, and respecting other GDPR data protection regulations.


  • Automatic and easy access authentication management
  • Local and affordable solution with greater flexibility for further changes
  • Usable in the state and local administration as well as for commercial companies
  • Respect for GDPR rules
  • Increased security and support in the implementation of the NIS 2 directive
  • Failure-free operation of the application due to high availability mode

Basic functions of the Authentication Gateway

The Authentication Gateway platform provides a single point of authentication for selected users to your systems thanks to the following features:
  • Single Sing On for web applications. The platform allows third-party applications to connect for federated authentication and authorization: communication between Identity Provider (IdP) and Service Provider (SeP) using SAML 2.0 protocol.
  • Mediation of identity authentication against external IdP. Aricoma ID can operate in IdP mode towards service providers (SeP). It can be extended to other providers such as IdP eIdentity (NIA), BankID, social networks, etc.
  • Support for multi-factor authentication.
  • Assignment of access permissions in conjunction with an identity management system as part of the Aricoma ID solution.
  • Auditing and logging of all events within the platform. Serves as support for security auditing.
  • Discovery service with signpost to select the appropriate identity provider and authentication resource.

Which identity providers can be connected to Aricoma ID

The system can be connected via standard SAML 2.0 or OpenID Connect (OAuth 2.0) protocols to all identity and service providers such as: NIA, BankID, Office 365, Google, Facebook, JIP, data mailboxes, etc.


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