Dlubal Software modernizes web portal with Sitecore platform

We have created a web portal with a new e-commerce solution for Dlubal Software. The web portal now serves not only as a marketing tool, but also as a learning portal for users of the company's software.

Realization 2014 - 2023

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Customer profile

Dlubal Software s.r.o., a continuously growing company with many international subsidiaries, develops and sells solutions for design and calculation of structures. More than 300 employees in 10 international offices, targeting software users from 95 countries around the world.

We were looking for a technology for the project that would help us connect the customer support and business software. Because of the possibility of personalization and marketing automation, the choice fell on Sitecore and Internet Project as an implementer and consultant in the digital environment. Time has shown that this was the right choice.

Ing. Jakub Harazín

Head of Translation and Web department

Baseline and project objectives

The customer had the content managed in an internal system. The goal of the project was to transfer this management to an easily editable CMS so that content could be easily created and edited for individual markets. As the company grew, so did the need for a new e-commerce solution to lighten the workload of the store and help automate routine processes.

Personalization and automation of marketing activities was already a nice bonus when choosing the technology.


  • Web portal with thousands of pages, multimedia and in many languages
  • Fast and stable solution
  • Integration with CRM Microsoft Navision and Netgenium
  • Robust e-commerce functionality with clear product display
  • Faster and more efficient communication with customers thanks to extranet
  • Sophisticated editorial workflow that makes the team's job easier


The Sitecore XP platform best met all the requirements of the project. The Dlubal Software web portal presents eleven language versions and the content is created by an in-house team in cooperation with translation agencies. Due to the large amount of text and image content that is captured in external sources and applications, it was necessary to create a number of Sitecore integrations with these applications and synchronise the content on a regular basis.

The Dlubal Software portal is accessed by different users with different needs, e.g. builders, designers or students of construction. These specific user groups have been taken into account in the design of the site structure and navigation elements. The result is a simple and easy to understand structure that allows the different user segments to get the information they need quickly and easily.

Selling products and services online is an integral part of Dlubal Software's presentation. In the customized e-shop, customers can purchase or rent the software and configure, for example, the type of license and the length of the lease. Due to Dlubal Software's global market presence, the e-shop also consists of eleven independent language versions and the possibility to sell products and services in different currencies. The entire solution is closely integrated with the CRM systems Microsoft Navision and Netgenium.

The project also included the graphic design of the portal and e-shop, which fully respects the style of Dlubal Software.

Used technologies

  • Sitecore XP


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