Data backup, replication and recovery

IT systems contain data that is critical to the company and prolonged inoperability often causes significant financial losses. Therefore, we view backup as a critical activity of IT operations.

A modern backup system is prepared for virtualized infrastructures, cooperation with cloud storage and supports protection of backed-up data against ransomware attacks. It often includes deduplication backup storage, which significantly increases the number of backups and enables you to go back further in time for required data.

Nowadays, a significant number of companies run their systems in a virtual environment, and backup systems need to adapt to this. The result is an efficient backup and recovery environment.

Successful and rapid disaster recovery is also key, minimizing adverse impacts on company operations and potential financial losses. It is therefore important not to forget about the so-called Disaster Recovery or BCM plans. We can tailor these for you in the context of your organisation's processes and procedures.


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