Privileged Access Management (PIM/PAM)

If attackers attacks a regular user account, he will have access to the user's information. However, if they manage to compromise a privileged user, they immediately gain greater access and the ability to sabotage other systems.

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

The PAM system is designed to store and manage the access data of accounts with higher privileges, with the highest possible protection in terms of security, while controlling and monitoring access to this data. 

The solution can manage different types of privileged accounts - local technical and service accounts, domain accounts, local administration accounts or personnel accounts. It can cover almost all functional requirements such as access control, password and SSH key management or account privilege management and isolation as well as real-time auditing and suspicious behaviour detection.

Privileged identity management (PIM)

PIMs are systems for monitoring and protecting privileged users in an organization's IT environment. They take over the management of privileged accounts and store access to them in secure storage (vault). This ensures the isolation of privileged account usage to reduce the risk of account theft.

Privileged accounts must be handled with extra care. For example, if administrator or service account login credentials fall into the wrong hands, it could lead to the compromise of your entire organization's systems and confidential data. That's why the features of PIM/PAM systems are often combined into one comprehensive solution.


  • Central secure password storage
  • Password/key management
  • Isolation and monitoring of privileged sessions
  • On-demand access approval
  • Access time pool definition 
  • Detailed auditing of account usage and video recording


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