BI/DWH Solutions Strategy

How to get the most out of your organisation's raw data? By using data analytics. We put your data in context, together we find hidden connections and uncover the blockages and weak points in your organisation.

What can BI do for you

Business Intelligence (BI) enables you to mine business applications for insightful information that is key to decision-making throughout your organization.

The scope of the BI solution is driven by your goals and requirements.

You can start with the basic functionality and expand the platform as your needs grow.

In addition, mobile analytics apps increase the speed and accessibility of information, and intuitive visualization makes it easy to interpret the output anywhere and anytime.

With BI, you can effectively evaluate your business performance, reduce process costs, identify key market trends, identify new opportunities and better direct your business activities.


  • Decision-making based on demonstrable data
  • Implementation of BI solutions tailored to your needs
  • Reducing company costs
  • Identification of trends in the market or within your organisation
  • Solutions for public and state administration as well as for the commercial sector
  • Further development of the application on your own after receiving the necessary training

A service tailored to your requirements

We offer comprehensive services in data consolidation, analysis and implementation of data warehouses. We help you gain an accurate view of aggregated information, which is essential to support strategic, tactical and operational decision-making.

We create tailored solutions along with customers from different sectors - whether it is the public administration, manufacturing, business or any other industry.

With our knowledge and services, we can help you consolidate and clean data from different production systems, design the optimal analytical data structure and define key performance indicators. We also enable the efficient creation and sharing of management reports, statements and operational analysis. This ability to quickly convert operational data into useful analytical information is essential for the optimization of your organization, detecting new opportunities and reaching your customers more successfully.

How we work

As part of the project, we will first review and analyse your requirements and propose tailor-made solutions specifically for you, based on our extensive experience in both data processing technology and KPI’s relevant to your business.

During the implementation phase, you will have a clear glimpse into our kitchen of working with analytical tools, meaning that you will love working with them as much as we do.

At the end of each project or phase, we will guide you through the specific training so that you can use our applications with confidence and ease, so that they can bring you pleasure and benefit to your business.


We will be happy to provide you with consultations for further cooperation. We can help with a wide range of advice and recommendations on how and what to do, including discussion with you about the specific problems you face in creating in-house reports and analyses.

Consultation hours can be used at wide intervals. From sub-units when it suits you, to a system where our consultant is on site with you. He is the one producing applications for you and in your place and based on your business requirements, with our knowledge of the system technology.

Of course, we offer workshops for your users so that you can really take full advantage of how the Business Intelligence works within your organisation.


Are you interested in more information or an offer for your specific situation?

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