Core System for insurance companies

We are experts in healthcare reimbursement with a broad knowledge of the legislative framework of public health insurance. Our IT solutions and services help to improve your facility's financial performance even in the face of future developments.

How we will support your institution's quality financial manageme

We provide financial management support systems, management information systems and tools for advanced data analysis and data development modelling.

These tools will help you in the following critical areas:
  1. Supporting the ongoing management of your healthcare facility
  2. Supporting negotiations procedures during the year
  3. Analysis and modelling of developments 
With our systems, you will improve your financial performance, leading to improved quality of care for your patients.


  • Complete knowledge of the legislative framework
  • Swift implementation
  • Tailoring the system to your requirements
  • Management applications for data analysis
  • Modelling to estimate future developments

Support of the ongoing management of the healthcare facility

The software that we provide:
  • can monitor the progress of economic performance,
  • can forecast the results of economic performance,
  • supports the parameterisation of the healthcare provider's operational systems.
Depending on reimbursement methods and regulatory constraints, we can track both ongoing and cumulative performance to support your facility managers' decision-making. 

On the basis of continuously collected data and data from the previous year, or a moving average for several previous years, we can create a forecast of the economic result for the current period.

Support for negotiation procedures during and at the end of the y

Our system enables the estimate of parameters used for ongoing reimbursement or for regulatory purposes, which are normally reported by health insurance companies, and they can be used in the context of a negotiation procedure, for example:
  • to calculate the estimate of the amount of the monthly prepayment by increasing the volume of care paid in the segment in the reference period by the percentages set out in the reimbursement decree.
  • to estimate reimbursement for unique individuals.
Once the year is closed, our system will calculate the actual reimbursement amount as a recalculation of care for the reference period and for the completed year.

Development modelling and analysis systems

With our management applications, we can custom-program tools to help you with financial analysis and development estimates.

We can use the proven Qklik or popular BI platform to develop and manage financial and data analysis tools, or develop a customized application to meet your specific needs.


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