Client navigation systems

Our apps make healthcare services accessible to citizens. They also guide them through the entire healthcare delivery and reimbursement system, giving them a clear picture of the services that they are using.

We guide citizens through their health

Our apps virtually accompany citizens and insured persons through the health insurance system at every step.  
From registering with a health insurance company, to collecting premiums, receiving reimbursement for healthcare services provided to them.

Our supported portal or mobile applications guide them to the appropriate doctor or pharmacy. The same apps allow them to view and review their healthcare and keep their medical records.

In the case of proving sickness, they will use the eNeschopenka app (eSickness certificate) that we have developed and we are now currently enhancing, as well as the Tečka and čTečka apps for easy travel and proof of the citizen’s health condition.

Citizen Portal

The Citizen Portal is the central access point for citizens to use healthcare services.
Communication between the state and public administration institutions is ensured automatically by the ISSS interface and integration to the basic registers of the ISZR.

Since we were at the establishment of this tool for communication between the state and citizens, we can quickly and correctly implement other integration processes with this or other systems used by the state institutions.

Portal and mobile applications of health insurance companies

We have been designing and developing portal and mobile applications for health insurance companies for over 20 years. This makes us the most experienced partner in the industry on the Czech market.

Thanks to our apps, citizens can: 
  • conveniently communicate with their insurance company from anywhere in the world,
  • pay for care at a medical facility through electronic banking,
  • have their health information at their fingertips, including the care that they have received,
  • share their health data with their doctors,
  • check, update or claim reported healthcare expenses,
  • find available healthcare and navigate to a doctor or pharmacy.
These apps can then be easily linked to other apps, such as sports, fitness tracking apps, to provide healthcare advice, or information on treatments such as checking for contraindications, and more.

The patient is thus better informed and able to control their healthcare and their overall wellbeing.


The Tečka app, which we develop and manage, is used by citizens across the EU to prove the validity of their EU digital COVID certificate. At the same time, we are currently working on the development of the čTečka application, which will serve as a vaccination card.

Sickness certificate

In the event of a citizen's illness, our eNeschopenka (eSickness certificate) application will take care of the citizen's incapacity for work for the Social Security Administration, the doctor and the employer.


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