Migrating Applications to the Cloud

We are experts in application cloudification. We can help you quickly move your processes from inflexible on-premise applications to the cloud. You will be able to respond flexibly and easily to any business challenges.

Flexible processes across the entire company

Nowadays, the need for business flexibility is highly emphasised. More than ever, companies and entire industries face massive changes that require them to adapt quickly and effectively.

A key objective of application and process modernisation is to free customers' business processes from legacy and inflexible systems, and replace them with more modern applications that can quickly adapt these processes to the surrounding market conditions.

Our know-how

Our objective is to provide you with a modern and efficient solution that meets your needs for both today and in the future. Our solutions are accessible for desirable modifications and future development.

All solutions are implemented by our qualified experts with over 15 years of professional experience, in partnership with you. Our main goal is to be your stable partner in creating consolidated application solutions that can enhance your business needs.

What you can expect during our cooperation

The following steps will occur when you choose us:
  1. Requirements definition: we will map your business priorities.
  2. Technology constraints: we design solutions with technology options in mind, as we ensure to not distort standard platform functionalities.
  3. Integration requirements: the solution must form a single entity supporting the organization's business processes.
  4. General concept: we describe in advance what the solution will be able to functionally provide.
  5. Schedule and price: you will know when and for how much cost the solution will be delivered.
  6. Deployment scenarios: we will set the key parameters that the solution must achieve to be accepted by the company.
  7. Implementation phases: we will divide the delivery of the solution into sub-functional units.

Areas of solutions that we offer

  • Application Cloudification and development in the cloud
  • Document Management System - controlled documentation, contract management, document archiving, paper process replacement
  • Digitization and automation of processes - HR, IT, finance, PR, marketing
  • Migration of portals and applications
  • Specific portal solutions - intranet, extranet, B2B, manager portal, etc.


  • Easy implementation in the Microsoft environment
  • Digitization of all systems across the company
  • Flexible solutions to changes in internal company processes
  • We offer more than 15 years of practical experience
  • Working on small and large scale projects

What we use for development

  • Applications in Microsoft Azure
  • Custom solutions for Microsoft 365 (SharePoint online, Microsoft Teams, Power platform, etc.)
  • Professional CMS platforms (Kentico, etc.)


Are you interested in more information or an offer for your specific situation?

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