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Our years of experience with a wide range of customers, knowledge of the legislative framework, agile development methods and focus on security ensure that we can guide you through every aspect of developing your IT solution.

We are a reliable partner for state and public administration

The design, development and subsequent operation of public administration systems requires not only technological know-how, but also knowledge of the relevant issues and the laws that define the frameworks for their use. At Aricoma, we have been a partner of the state and public administration organizations for several decades. Thanks to this experience, we are aware of the needs of the state operations and in many areas, we are one of the most significant providers of state development solutions in the country.

Across the group, we collectively deliver comprehensive services from design to target operation, including the provision of security and monitoring services. We focus on providing services in areas such as global architecture and consulting, business and IT analysis, development or migration of software solutions with the ability to continue to operate and extensively support them.


  • More than 30 years of experience in the market
  • System Integrator
  • Detailed knowledge of the legislative environment
  • Participation in EU eDigitalization projects
  • Mobile and portal solutions

We are familiar with the state information systems

We are very experienced in implementing projects supporting the basic principles of eGovernment, electronization or modernization of public administration and self-government. We are among the leading partners of the state operating critical and important information systems of the state administration, in addition to this we have all the necessary certifications. Among our projects in this area, we can reference:
  • Development and operation of basic registers for the Administration of Basic Registers
  • Development and operation of the ISTP system for the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic
  • Development and operation of the Citizen Portal for NAKIT
  • Development and operation of the ISSS integration system for NAKIT
  • Development and operation of the Early Intervention System
  • Development and provision of a service - Census system for the Czech Post
  • Provision of architectural supervision for the Ministry of Regional Development
  • Officer's portal for regional authorities
  • Document systems for cities and regional offices
  • Document system for the Transport Company of the Capital City of Prague
  • Agenda information system for the Czech Industry and Trade Agency
  • Delivery of identity management for regions, cities and hospitals
  • Supply of ERIAN system for the National Schengen Information System

Analysis as a building block of success

All our projects start with a well-developed design. A well-designed software architecture ensures efficient development and future system evolution, provides the necessary performance and scalability, optimizes costs and reduces the risk of security threats. For us, as an IT solution provider, architecture actually means how the implemented system will work as a whole (including interaction with the environment), what building blocks it will be composed of or what technologies we will utilize.

The basic question that we are looking for answers within architecture design is: How best to meet the defined requirements? This is assessed from many points of view, in particular, to ensure that the solutions include:
  • Implement required functions;
  • Sufficiently powerful and allowing for future performance upgrades if necessary;
  • Provide the necessary level of security;
  • Enable and facilitate future development;
  • Respect the conditions and principles of the environment of which it is intended to be subjected;
  • Be optimal in terms of the economic costs of implementation, operation and subsequent development.
A well-designed architecture is the basis for us to make building IT solutions in the short and long term a pleasure for our customers, not a nightmare.

Development according to a methodology close to your heart

We can guide the project development and management method with both agile and waterfall techniques. We will adapt to your needs and the experience of your team.

In most cases, we use the Scrum framework for agile development. As an alternative methodology we can also offer you Kanban. For larger development projects that require two or more development teams to synchronize, we internally use the LeSS methodology.

On large projects, we use a scaling framework of the customer's choice. We prefer to scale according to the LeSS framework. However, for some customers, at their express request, we use the SaFE® framework


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