Incident Response as a Service (IRaaS, CSIRT))

We are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in cyber security. We keep up with the attackers and protect you from various forms of attacks. What can you specifically expect from us?

Fast, effective and understandable response

We are ready to respond immediately to security incidents, whether they are attacks from outside, inside, or other potentially malicious activities. Our team composition and proven procedures ensure that no incident goes unresolved.

Threat analysis and forensic analysis

We conduct in-depth threat analysis and forensic investigations to identify the sources of attacks, assess their impact, propose measures to minimize future risk, and provide all necessary information for potential criminal proceedings.

Implementation of corrective measures

We respond to security incidents and proactively ensure the incident does not happen again to protect your infrastructure and data from attacks. We design and implement prevention, detection and response measures that meet the specific needs of your environment.

Continuous threat monitoring and analysis

We monitor constantly evolving cyber threats, attackers' techniques and tactics, and perform regular analysis to not only identify new types of attacks, but also to know their manifestations and be as prepared as possible to respond to them and provide adequate recommendations and protection against them.


  • We protect your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • We will be your first line of defence against cyber threats
  • Sleep well knowing you are protected and always have someone to turn to


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