Brand Protection as a Service (DRPaaS)

We ensure your brand remains clean and pristine. We will provide you with real-time monitoring, actions against threats and maintain your brand's integrity and value in the marketplace.

Solution description

24/7 brand monitoring
We use cutting-edge technology for accurate and detailed monitoring. Our dedicated team constantly monitors the digital space to detect unauthorized use or misuse of your brand. 
We monitor every second of the day, ensuring that no potential threat escapes us. This rapid detection leads to immediate action, minimising potential damage and ensuring the integrity of your brand.

Digital asset and domain management
Securely managing your digital assets and domains are our top priority. We closely monitor domain registrations and actively defend against potential misuse of your brand name, which ensures that your clients are always directed to authentic platforms and protected against access to fraudulent phishing domains. From business websites to client portals, we ensure that your customers are always interacting with the true face of your brand and maintaining its authenticity and value. Regular checks and updates ensure your assets remain actual and protected.

Counterfeit detection and store monitoring on the Dark Web
Black stores on the Dark Web can be full of leaked data about your customers and employees and other counterfeits associated with your brand. Our sophisticated search techniques detect these records, and then we design the correct tailored strategic response.

Social media surveillance
These days, brand representation on social media is a key feature. We extend our surveillance to these media services to ensure your customers are not misled by false promotions or unauthorized use of your assets. Our dedicated team also monitors online discussions and reviews related to your brand to ensure that your brand is represented accurately and truthfully.

Response actions and legal assistance
Threat detection is only the first step. Rapid responses and procedures for removing unauthorized use are optimized for each case. In addition, a network of legal experts is available to advise our clients on all brand-related legal matters so that they are always informed of the lawful next steps.

Incident analysis and customised strategies
To ensure continuous improvement and adaptability, we provide regular reports on detected threats and our response procedures. We recognize that every brand is unique, and we tailor our protection strategies to your specific needs. As the digital landscape changes and evolves, so do our methods, promising you world-class protection for your brand's legacy.

Benefits of brand protection solutions

We do not just offer a service; we build and maintain partnerships. We are your vigilant guardians in the digital world.

Protecting your reputation
Keep your brand's hard-built reputation spotless.

Financial protection
By combating counterfeit products, unauthorized sales and sensitive data leaks, we prevent potential financial losses.

Expert guidance
With our comprehensive approach and expert network, you're always prepared, informed and one step ahead of potential threats. Sleep easy knowing that experts are watching over your brand 24/7.


  • 24/7 brand monitoring
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Domain monitoring
  • Dark web stores monitoring
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Tailored brand protection services
  • Incident reporting and analysis
  • Social media monitoring


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