Secure software development (SSDLC)

We can help you implement a secure development methodology that defines security activities, roles and requirements from the beginning to the end of the software development cycle.

Do not pay more and address security from the start

If security is not an integral part of your software development lifecycle, then security vulnerabilities and holes are prevalent. Additional security solutions at the end of development usually generate additional costs.

Are you developing applications for yourself or your clients and would you like to offer them a more secure product? The key to secure applications does not lie in more penetration testing, but it is hidden in your development process. Only a well-designed, measurable and repeatable process will ensure high and sustainable security for your applications.

Implementing a secure development methodology that defines security activities, roles and requirements from the beginning to the end of the development cycle is a proven way to achieve this. Whether you are just considering implementing an SSDLC methodology or have already taken specific steps, we offer the creation and implementation of a methodology that respects the specifics of your organization. 

Services offered

Maturity Assessment
We will analyse your application development process and create a clear and concise report.

Creation of SSDLC methodology
We will design an SSDLC methodology that addresses your development needs and gaps. 

Project documentation
Use quick and clear security artifact templates in your projects. 

Application Audit Cycle
Set up an audit cycle for each project that matches the business risk of the application being developed. 

Security Awareness Program
Educate your employees systematically on security using training and e-learning platform.

Pilot project
Use a real project to demonstrate the use of the methodology.

Emphasis on easy adaptation

Every organisation has a unique culture, management style and role set-up. In order for your employees to adopt the SSDLC methodology, it should respect the specifics of the organisation as much as possible. Otherwise, there is a risk of gradual deviation from the methodology or its rejection by the development teams. Our methodology seeks to smoothly integrate security principles and requirements into your organization and the way you consistently manage projects.

You do not have to go through a challenging reorganization of processes or roles, but you will expand the competencies and knowledge of the respective teams, formalize activities and give them new tools to manage security during application development. At the same time, you will gain better visibility into the status of projects by introducing new metrics and consistent reporting.


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