ISMS Implementation

We can help you quickly and efficiently design and deploy an information and ICT security management system across your organisation. We have many years of practical experience in deploying it in a wide range of environments.

What is ISMS?

An ISMS can be defined as a documented management system whose main objective is to ensure an adequate level of information security within the organisation, both within the information system and other related processes. The implementation of an ISMS includes, among other things, the definition of protected information assets, the management of security risks and the implementation and control of security measures.

ISMS is defined by ISO/IEC 27001 (or the entire ISO/IEC 2700x family of standards) and is fully compatible with quality management systems (ISO/IEC 9001), environmental management systems (ISO/IEC 14001) or occupational health and safety systems (OHSAS 18001). Therefore, ISMS can be easily integrated into an organisation's overall management system.


  • Determination of the optimal ratio between costs and the achieved level of security of the organization's information assets - maximum efficiency and precise targeting of security investments
  • Increasing the credibility and credit of the organisation in the eyes of customers and partners
  • Ensuring compliance with legislative requirements
  • Reduction of risks related to unavailability of information and services, leakage or unauthorised access to the organisation's information
  • Saving costs related to remediation of security incidents
  • Minimising the risk of data leakage and protecting the stability of the organisation
  • Increase employee security awareness - reduce user errors
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the current level of information security of the organization

Solution description

As previously mentioned, ISMS is a documented management system which means that there is some documentation of how the information security management processes will run.

In this area, we offer both design and documentation of these processes in the form of guidelines, procedures, methodologies, etc.

We communicate with clients and design/adapt processes and their associated documentation depending on the current processes, conditions and requirements of the client. This is undertaken to comply with the specified regulations/standards/legislation (e.g., ISO 27001, NIST, ZoKB, DORA, GDPR, etc.). In this process we also pass on our experience of practical implementation from the past or according to the latest trends in information security solutions.

We offer not only services related to the design of new or re-engineering of existing processes and their documentation, but also assistance with their implementation in the form of a security administrator who can supervise, control and implement individual processes according to their type. We also offer tailor-made training in this area, during which employees are familiarised with their new responsibilities or how the new processes should be carried out correctly.

We have the experience and can implement the entire scope of an ISMS, for any size and type of organization, but it is up to the organization to decide what part it needs and how detailed to implement with respect to its particular needs. So, we can help with just one process, or build the entire ISMS.

What services we offer in this area

We will advise, check and, if necessary, recommend options for the implementation of individual processes to meet your particular requirements. 

Comprehensive implementation
We will analyse the conditions for the implementation of partial or given processes and propose/consult on changes and prepare process documentation to comply with the chosen standards.

Partial implementation
We will focus only on the selected processes and, taking into account your specific conditions, possibilities and requirements, we will propose their course and document them accordingly.

Security administrator
We will perform the role of an internal employee who implements all or selected information security tasks.

Tailored training
Following the newly designed and described processes, we will prepare training for selected groups of employees who will be involved in the implementation of the processes.


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