Web & Portal Solutions

Would you like to improve internal collaboration and effectively share information within your organization, or modernize and computerize your business processes? Our teams offer years of experience with successfully delivered projects of all sizes and will be a valuable partner for you to consider.

Intranet portals

We offer modern and user-friendly solutions in the form of intranet portals.
With our intranet solutions, supported by a suite of intuitive mini applications, you get a tool for securely sharing information and documents throughout your organization.

Your new intranet will be a central place to obtain critical information, communicate interactively and perform routine tasks efficiently. Thanks to the clear design and brief training, your employees will quickly and easily adapt to the new system and begin using it fully within their daily work activity.

Extranet portals

Are you looking for the optimal solution for sharing information with business partners and teammates? Do you want a communication platform that is tailored for the secure transmission of sensitive documents such as contracts and orders?

Extranet portals may be your ideal solution. These specialized portals provide a personalized and secure environment where your partners and clients can access relevant information and communicate effectively. As part of a B2B strategy, extranet portals are becoming a key tool for data exchange between distributors, suppliers and other external partners.

With our extensive experience and proven technologies, we can provide a solution that fits your exact needs. Our portal solutions not only offer a platform for communicating with your clients, but also integrate easily with your internal systems, increasing efficiency and collaboration with your business partners.


  • Secure sharing information internally and externally
  • A central place to share your organisation's information
  • Easy, intuitive user operation of the system
  • Swift integration with other systems within the organisation
  • User-friendly management of the organisation's web presence

Content Management Systems (CMS)

If you are looking for an efficient way to update your website content, respond quickly to changing market conditions, or meet legal requirements for accessibility and content publishing, our web-based content management system (CMS) solutions offer just what you need.

With our CMS solutions, you can easily and intuitively manage your website content without the need for in-depth programming knowledge. Kentico is the CMS that we most often use in our solutions, which is a headless CMS platform known for its flexibility and broad capabilities.The headless approach means that the content is separated from the presentation layer, allowing complete freedom in design and functionality.

Our experts thus program the "tailor" front-end to your specific needs. The website will thus perfectly match your requirements and vision. This makes the Kentico platform suitable not only for creating basic web presentations, but also for complex online projects.


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